For Us, Now BUY Us: BOSSIP’s Best in Black-Owned 2020

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On today’s Juneteenth holiday and as protests continue to seek justice for Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, Rayshard Brooks, and countless others, there’s never been a better time to put the uncontested power of the black dollar to use.

While Sunkist Stalin thinks that “no one heard of Juneteenth” till he “made it famous”, that’s simply untrue and a gross inaccuracy. Across the nation but especially in the South, Juneteenth has been a holiday of reflection and celebration of our ancestors who were informed of their freedom from slavery.

On June 19, 1865, two years after the Emancipation Proclamation was signed, Union troops in Galveston Bay, TX informed the enslaved that they were actually free. An estimated 250,000 Africans rejoiced and celebrated their first taste of freedom. Some say that the slaves “threw their rags into the river” and dressed as freedmen, hence why on the Juneteenth holiday some dress their best to partake in festivities.


B. Condoms—The only Black-owned condom brand

B Condom


B. Condoms’ CEO Jason Panda has a goal of expanding his high-quality, competitively priced contraceptive products to the black community. “B Cool, B Safe, B Yourself,  is what the brand stands by.

The condoms are;

Vegan Friendly
All Natural
Thinner Than Average
Premium Exclusive Lube

B Condom


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