There was once a time in history where ‘buying Black’ wasn’t a trend, it was a way of life because all of our money was not allowed elsewhere. From cups of coffee to couture clothing, Black communities supported and uplifted each other’s hustles back when no one else did. We were always our greatest forms of support and it’s time we take back the buying power that we forgot we possessed.

In this era of unconvicted police officers, COVID-19 and the progression of hashtags to movements, the Black community is suffering from all ends. While the country is suffering from one of the biggest economic downfalls in decades and millions of Americans filing for unemployment, it’s time to put what money and economic value we do have back into our communities. As the Black community holds $1.3 trillion in buying power, it is essential now more than ever to take what we’re earning and place it back into the development of our own communities.

We’ve compiled the biggest Black list of Black-owned brands to support so you can #BuyBlack.