BuzzFeed Names b condoms - One of its Cool Things From Small Businesses You’ll Def Wanna Run To TikTok About

3. A pack of B Condoms so you may enjoy top-tier sex (read: safe, fun, and consensual!) with protection that's odorless, all-natural, and created by a business dedicated to giving back to causes you'll wanna tell all of TikTok more about.

Blue box of condoms with two packages sticking out
Red condom packet
Light blue condom
B Condoms

B Condoms is a Black-owned brand based in Atlanta dedicated to promoting sexual wellness and eliminating health disparities in underserved communities! The condoms are lubricated, all-natural, and odorless! The brand also partners with non-profits, donates thousands of condoms, and works to reduce STIs, unplanned pregnancy, and human trafficking in the Black community.

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