How a Black-Owned Condom Brand Pitches Itself as the Right Fit by the New York Times

Jason Panda cares deeply about branding. During a recent video interview, the logo for his company, B Condoms, was visible in no fewer than four places: on a blue wall behind him in an Atlanta warehouse, on his white T-shirt, on a condom package that just so happened to be within arm’s reach and on a cornhole board in a nearby storage room.

Just as important is where he hides the logo. His company’s Instagram page features explainer-type posts with titles like “8 things women really want in bed” and “Let’s normalize laughing during sex” — two of the more printable headlines from the account. The final slide of each post features a photo of condom boxes with the words “A Black-Owned Condom Company” in bold letters above them, underlined in red.

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