Kimbritive - 9 Black-owned sexual wellness products you should try!

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It’s not every day that Black people have the opportunity to just be, live freely and enjoy pleasurable experiences without scrutiny, judgment or violence. We’re constantly told to work and be productive when our bodies need rest. We’re met with violence when we are walking in our neighborhoods, barbecuing or spending time with our children. We’re told that we are either hypersexual or undesirable all while experiencing shame when it comes to our bodies and sexuality.

enough is enough.

Black people deserve to live a life of joy and pleasure in abundance unapologetically.  More importantly, Black people deserve to have their sexual health and wellness affirmed and celebrated, always.

In honor of Black herstory month, we’ve compiled an (in)complete list of Black-owned sexual wellness products that you should try! Make a commitment this month to explore different ways to care for your incredible body, deepen your self-love practice and prioritize your sexual health.


6 —— Ultra Lubricated Latex Condom by b condoms ($9)

As the only Black owned condom company on the market, b condoms is ensuring our community has what it needs to lead sexually healthy lives. These vegan, paraben free, super thin latex condoms with long-lasting lubricant are the perfect add to your nightstand or your go bag. . . Read more


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