Candles, home decor, cleaning products, health and wellness (b condoms)

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Support Black Owned Businesses

The threat to injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. The fight for racial justice and peace must continue and with your help, you can make a difference. Continue signing petitions, raising Black voices and experiences, protesting or marching, and supporting Black owned businesses.


I have created this resource of Black owned skin/hair/makeup, clothing, home, and creator brands. Spread your wealth and support brands that will in turn break barriers, create jobs, and generate wealth for the Black community.

"Black-owned firms are twice as likely to be rejected for loans."

Home - Health & Wellness

Cleaning products, decor, and more.


Pur Home (Cleaning Products)
Niveau (decor essentials)
R. Labranch (interior design and furniture)
We Buy Black (Similar to Amazon)
Black Wallstreet (Black Business App)

Quintessentials Group
Coral Oral Care
Designs by Case (custom tables)
True Detergent
Umoja Lighting

Nviro Trash Bags
Clean & Cute
Laura Kay Innovations
Tubman Battery


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