Manufacturing the best condom in the world did not just happen overnight.  Our Founder traveled to Thailand, Malaysia and China to fulfill his promise to continually deliver the highest quality in testing, reliability, comfort and performance.  Our condoms are odorless, vegan friendly, all natural, free of spermicide, animal products (organic), parabens, casein, gluten and glycerin.  Your safety is key and we value your trust.


Unlike other condom companies that sit on the sidelines and stay mute on health disparities, b condoms are here to initiate conversations, be relevant and lead discussions that give all people a seat at the table.  We believe culture is uplifted when we are all part of the discussion.  We partner with non-profits, donate thousands of condoms and work to reduce sexually transmitted infections, unplanned pregnancy, and human trafficking in the Black community.


In 2011, while speaking with his mother about the disproportionate impact of HIV/AIDS and unplanned pregnancy, our Founder Jason was moved to start a journey that would forever change his life, and the trajectory of health disparities in the Black community. The lack of ownership and representation in an industry that directly impacts the health of millions of Black people led him to leave a comfortable job as an Attorney to start a condom company geared towards protecting the culture.