Yes, we do wholesale orders!  Whether you're a corner store, hotel or small business retailer, we've got you covered with bulk pricing! 

To get started with your 1st Wholesale order, please review and sign our Wholesale Customer Agreement form by clicking this link: WHOLESALE – CUSTOMER AGREEMENT ***PLEASE NOTE: We will only process and ship orders pending a signed Wholesale Agreement Form. 

Wholesale Pricing:

Our wholesale prices start at $78 per Platinum XL b condoms carton and $72 per Classic Ultra Lubricated b condoms carton.  Each Carton contains twelve (12) 10 piece condom boxes.  We can mix the 12 boxes equally for $75.00.  A full wholesale pricing catalog is available by emailing info@bholdinggroup.com. 

All prices include shipping within the USA.    

Got Questions:

For additional questions regarding larger wholesale orders, please complete the form below, and someone will contact you shortly.